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Considered by many to be the greatest tragedy ever written, King Lear is an epic tale of sorrow, forgiveness, madness, and reconciliation. Led by director Eric Tucker, New York’s acclaimed Bedlam Theatre comes to Bristol Riverside Theatre with a fresh interpretation of this Shakespearean classic.

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My One Woman Show

I wrote a one woman show about my experience of finding my birth family in Latvia.  Traveling abroad to find your roots -- and some answers -- can be a real trip.


Holly Garland

Bikers in Camelot is a four character musical romp, a classic fable . . . with a twist. When Michael, who writes biographies of Victorian women, proposes to Holly, who writes chivalrous sci-fi fantasy, but is suffering from writer’s block, all hell breaks loose. In the throes of a nasty fight, they inadvertently materialize the characters they have written – with whom they have unconsciously been in love all along. What ensues is a crazy – and enlightening night, in which they learn the old adage, “be careful what you wish for.” Of course they rediscover each other . . . but their dream lovers aren’t going anywhere.

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Liliane La Fleur

Inspired by Federico Fellini’s semi-autobiographical film 8½, Nine follows the story of celebrated film director Guido Contini, set in glamorous 1960s Italy. Portrayed through a bewitching score by Maury Yeston (Titanic), Guido’s midlife crisis blocks his creative impulse and entangles him in a web of romances. Nine received the Tony Award for Best Musical in 1982 and the Tony for Best Revival in 2003. Directed by Gregg Wiggins with choreography by Carissa Bellando ’04 and music direction by Dr. Lauri Young.



Euripides’ original tragedy dates from 415 BCE after an Athenian army ransacked a small island, killing all of its men and forcing the women and children into slavery. In 1996, the first production of Mee’s adaptation, “Trojan Women: A Love Story,” directed by Tina Landau, was performed in New York City.  Directed by Theresa McCarthy.



Ida Straus

Maury Yeston and Peter Stone’s masterfully crafted musical examines the lives of the passengers aboard the doomed luxury liner Titanic — those in first class, middle class, and steerage — in the nights leading up the ship’s fatal encounter with an iceberg at sea. Directed by Drew Scott Harris (WCT’s The Most Happy Fella), with musical direction by Dr. Lauri Young, Titanic is a heart-stopping and riveting ride through the final moments of the hopes and aspirations of those onboard. Winner of five 1997 Tony Awards including Best Musical, Book, and Score!



The Mile-Long Opera, a citywide public engagement project, brought together 1,000 singers from across New York for free performances on the High Line, October 3—8, 2018.  Set in one of the most dynamic public spaces for observing New York City and its multitude of intersecting lives, The Mile-Long Opera invites audiences to move in and out of groups of singers as they walk along the High Line.

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